Download [1.4.6]



Change Log

New in version 0.8.4:

It is now for minecraft 1.4.6

added: achievements ( 10 achivements )

added: smp compatebilety ​

New in version 0.8.2:

Added: Tents

- Sleeping Tent
- Storage Tent
- Decoration tent

Added: Tent parts

- Canvas
- Tent pegs

New in version 0.7.9:

Changes: Campfires now require 2 sticks for 1 torch

Changes: destroying the block under the campfire will now give you back 3 torches.

Changes: campfire will set entities on fire

Added: A creative tab.

Added: Marshmallows

- Marshmallows
- Marshmallow stick
- Cooked Marshmallows

Bugfix:  Blocks won't be placed annymore if you open the gui

Bugfix:  Campfires won't disappear anymore.

New in version 0.7.6:

First public release.

Instalation instructions 

1. download minecraftforge 6.5 or higher. 

2. download the Campfire mod. 

3. place minecraftforge in your minecraft.jar. 

4. delete the META-INF. 

5. place the zip file of my mod in you mods folder.